Thank You And Goodnight

And so it has come to this…my final post.  As they say…all good things must come to an end…and my experiences in the blogosphere has been an incredible journey.  I feel truly blessed for the friendships that have developed and the inspiration I have received from the folks I have met through this online medium.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of the people that took the time to stop by my little part of the world…and share my experiences in life, leadership and ministry.

Seasons come and go…a new one takes the place of the old.  I do not know where my next adventures in following Christ will take me…though I suppose it will be a little more quiet.  I have had my fifteen minutes…I have tasted success in many areas…now I want to see if I can be a better Christ follower, a better husband and a better pastor…in that order.

I wanted to write one final blog post so I could properly thank Gary Lamb, Perry Noble, Todd Rhoades and Dave Anderson for introducing my blog to the world.  I am also truly grateful for Louie Marsh, Mike Macon, Hal Mayer and Michael Newnham for helping a different audience discover my writings.  Denise and I also wanted to publicly thank bloggers Scott Hodge, Troy Gramlin, Tony Morgan, Erik Bauman and Ed Stetzer for comforting us during a very dark time in life.  Finally, I want to recognize some of the future voices in the church planting world that inspire and motivate me these day….young leaders like Jeff Kapusta, Austin Porter, JR Lee, Jonathan Herron, Jay Hardwick, Shaun King, Paul Peterson, Jason Salamun, Chris Reeder, Tadd Grandstaff and my good friend Bobby Triplett.  For the most part they are just starting their journey into this incredible adventure called church planting…but they already seem more wise and passionate than those of us that went before them.  I look forward to seeing the Kingdom of God grow because their efforts and leadership.

Over the next several days I will be updating the Links and About pages…and adding a FAQs page.  The Contact page is still active…and always will be.  If you’d like to still keep up with Compass Point Church or me…the best way is to subscribe to the podcast, the Compass Point email newsletter or follow me on Twitter.

And so my friends the time has come to say goodbye.  Thank you for reading…thank you for allowing our paths to cross…thank you for the support…for the friendship…and for the encourage.  Most of all…thank you for what you do for the cause of Christ…keep doing it…the world depends on it.  Thank you…God bless you…and goodnight.

Thank You And Goodnight