Thoughtful Thursday Links

I’m beginning a new feature I’m calling “Thoughtful Thursday Links” where I will feature links to blog posts that I think are helpful to the vision and leadership direction of Compass Point.  In the past I’ve just direct linked through email…this way will keep down the amount of emails I have to send out…and you have to receive.  🙂

1. This post by Pastor Steven Furtick about ministry simile and this one about “red shirting” ideas are really great reads!!!

2. Perry Noble asked the great question…”What’s Holding You Back?”  He also has some great questions that leaders should be asking themselves.

3. Northpoint Church is doing a pretty crazy…innovative…and amazing thing for the city of Atalanta.

4. The Swerve guys had a great post about the difference between your church and our church.

5. Monday Morning Insight gives us some very disturbing facts about tithing averages.

Fridays and Saturdays are my days off…so have a great weekend…and I’ll blog again next week.

Thoughtful Thursday Links