Rogue Males – Part 3

Over the last two days I talked about rogue males and the ongoing consequences of their actions.  Today I want to finish this series of posts by talking about how not to be a rogue male.

Men that defy the purpose that God created them for (to lead their family in a Godly manner) don’t really plan on becoming a rogue male.  Then again…they don’t plan for it NOT to happen.  Men just don’t walk down the street and then accidently fall naked into an attractive woman.  It is a “frog-in-the-kettle” gradually letting down you guard kind of thing.  The only known way to stop a rogue male from happening…is preparation, accountability and death.

Preparation If a man is following God…then Satan is following the man.  At every turn the Devil wants to destroy Godly men and their families.  The snares, the traps, the deception is everywhere…many times when we least expect it.  Men have to be always be prepared for the unexpected.  We have to constantly stay in God’s Word and in prayer with the Father.  We have to be sharing God’s Word with our families…praying that God will protect our wives and kids.  There will be a battle for your heart men…and the heart of your family.  You can never let down your guard…not even for one minute.  You never know when the Enemy will attack or from where.  You just don’t have that lunch with your female co-worker…even if she is your boss.  It’s better to quit your job…than to quit your desire not to be a rogue male.  You don’t sneak a peak at online porn. You don’t hang out with “the boys” for old times sake.  You don’t give in one single time…because that’s how rogue males begin.  It’s not one fatal moment of judgment…it’s incremental moments of poor judgment.

Accountability Accountability has no boundries…there are no “off limits” conversations.  There is only you and another man…following God’s Word…praying for each other…meeting regularly…and asking the really hard, incredibly personal questions.  A good friend of mine in ministry used to say that accountability only happens if you want to be accountable.  In essence accountability and avoiding becoming a rogue male takes hard work.  You have to schedule time for it.  You have to do prep work and follow up.  You have to become actively develop a friendship with another male on a level beyond surface questions.  You have to be open, honest and willing to set your ego aside in order not be a rogue male.

Death Your ego…your wants…your desire to be the constant teenager…must die in order not to become a rogue male.  You are not a child…put away childish things.  Yes you can go hunting or bungy jumping or skydiving…but as an occasional respite from the pressures of leadership.  If you live for the thrill and adrenaline…instead of God and your family…you’re one step away from being a rogue male.  The Bible tells us to take up our cross and follow Christ daily…to die to our selfish desires or perceived needs.  When you die to yourself is makes it easier to be prepared and be accountable…and to avoid becoming a rogue male.

Rogue Males – Part 3