Volunteer Expectations

Over the years one of the most frequent questions I have received is, “What are the expectations for Compass Point volunteers and team leaders?”  I thought I would devote a blog post to answer that question. Thanks to Michael Lukaszewski and the folks at Oakleaf Church for the help in developing these.

  1. We need volunteers that are committed to reaching people far from God with he message of Christ and fulfilling the vision of Compass Point Church.
  2. We need volunteers who can set aside their egos.  At Compass Point it’s about serving others…not entitlement, personal agendas or being cool.
  3. We need volunteers to remember their job. On Sundays it’s not about talking to your friends, catching up on the latest gossip or sharing your personal issues with a pastor.  It’s about serving others and making guests feel welcome and at home at Compass Point.
  4. We need volunteers to be at Compass Point consistently.   You can’t be out two Sundays of every month and expect to be used…you are missing too much training, experience and vision casting to be a part of what God has called Compass Point to do.
  5. We need volunteers to give their best.  This is God’s Church…the one thing He said He would build His Kingdom on. This is serious…people discover Jesus almost weekly at Compass Point and your best effort is needed to continue that.
  6. We need volunteers to communicate with us regularly.  If you are going to be out, have an idea to better implement the vision of Compass Point or have an emergency…communicate with us or your team leader.  The best way to communicate at Compass Point is by email or by calling the church office.
  7. We need volunteers to uphold Biblical principles in their everyday life. This is the most important expectation…we are here as a church to lead people to Christ.  That just doesn’t happen on Sundays…but every day of the week through your example as a follower of Christ.
Volunteer Expectations