Culture Of Simplicity

At Compass Point we embrace the culture of simplicity.  T0o many times people make following Christ and being a part of church too complicated.  As a church that is called to reach people that gave up on God…and the church…Compass Point can’t afford to jump on every cultural bandwagon that comes down the pike.  It is for this reason that we’ve adapted a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to ministry and programming at Compass Point. The following is what we do…they are the only things we do.

Sunday Services This is where the rubber meets the road for us.  Our greatest amount of unchurched people show up to our Sunday services.  We see the most amount of people accept Christ in our Sunday services.  The majority of those that decide to dive deeper into discipleship make that decision in our Sunday services.  The crux of the spiritual and emotional momentum that we see at Compass Point comes through the Sunday services.  It is for these reasons that we pull out all of the stops for Sunday services at Compass Point.  We work hard to create an atmosphere where people can hear from God on Sundays.  We work hard to make sure that people that are not familiar with church feel comfortable when they show up on Sundays.  We work hard to make sure our ministry to children is done with excellence on Sundays.  Mainly we work hard to make sure that Gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly presented on Sundays.

Bible Studies We don’t do home groups or life groups.  We found out that in Lakeland people far from God don’t want to go to some stranger’s house and talk about their purpose in life.  What we did find was that people are hungry for the Truth found only in God’s Word.  Therefore our main form of discipleship training is through our Sunday night Bible studies.  We conduct these in a semester based format at the North Lakeland YMCA and provide childcare.  Some of them are closed studies that do not allow people to join after they have started…others are open to whoever and whenever they decide to attend.  They last an hour and a half and go for six to eight weeks.  There is usually a two to three week break in between each semester.  Except for our “basics of Christianity” Foundations class…we rarely offer the same class twice.

Serving I mentioned this yesterday.  The way in which we begin the discipleship process and help people get to know others at Compass Point is through volunteering with our ministry teams.  We don’t have supper clubs, we don’t have scrapbooking groups, we don’t have home groups, we don’t create social mixers in order to help people get to know one another.  We have volunteering.  We have found that when folks get involved in carrying out the mission of Compass Point that they begin to meet others, get plugged in, buy into where God is calling us as a church, take ownership in the vision of Compass Point and establish friendships with others.

Relational OutreachAlmost 90% of the people that come to Compass Point for the first time do so because someone invited them.  We almost never do any kind of marketing.  Rarely do we invest in community events.  We almost never spend money in letting people know we exist as a church.  We’ve actually asked our local paper NOT to run stories about Compass Point.  We teach our people…and provide tools for our folks…to invite their friends and loved ones to Compass Point.  We have found that if a person that is far from God is invited to Compass Point by a friend…they almost always stick…and come to know Jesus.

That’s it…that’s all we do (other than develop leaders).  I’m pretty sure this is all we’ll do even if Compass Point gets larger as a church.

Culture Of Simplicity