Things I’m Praying For

Thank you to all that have been reading my blog this week and for the links to the posts about the different cultures we are trying to create at Compass Point.  There are two more cultures that I will post about next week.  However, I wanted to take a break from the series to share some things that I’m currently praying about.  My hope is that you will add them to your prayer list also.

1. God will constantly disturb the people of Compass Point. Every week we seem to have more and more guests trying Compass Point out for the first time.  Many have had little or no experience with church.  If we ever get used to that or take it for granted…we are done.  I never want us to get comfortable as a church…living off our past accomplishments…and looking toward our own needs.  My prayer is that God will constantly shake us up…disturb our lives…make us aware of people that need to hear the Gospel.

2. God will raise up more folks that are passionate about seeing children come to know Jesus. A little over 30% of our Sunday attendance is children.  We are constantly having to rethink how we schedule, provide space and stretch  limited resources for our children’s ministry.  It’s one of the great aspects of God blessing us with so many kids.  However, what we need more than resources and space…is people that absolutely LOVE to see children come to know Christ.  A large percentage of our children have no Christian roots at home and are hearing about Jesus for the very first time in their lives.  The potential harvest is great…but the passionate laborers are few.

3. Revival will sweep across Polk County. The Lakeland/Polk County area has so many great churches…Compass Point is just one of them.  This area also has over 250,000 that do not attend church ANYWHERE on Sundays.  The thing I spiritually long for the most is to see a true moving of God break out in Polk County…that there would be so many converts that we’d have to launch 100 new churches just to keep up.  That would be such an incredible thing to be a part of.

4. The pastors, partners, volunteers and leaders of Compass Point Church. Every month we see people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time.  While it is a privilege and honor to be a part of what God is doing in Lakeland…it also means we are on Satan’s “hit list”.  Many of our pastors, leaders and volunteers face spiritual battles daily because of their association with Compass Point.  Some of the those attacks can be pretty devastating and difficult.  I pray daily…by name…for those that step up at Compass Point to help us carry out our vision…they are my comrades in arms.

5. Lost people.  The last thing I want to hear before I leave this Earth is the sound of someone praying to ask Christ into their heart.  It is such a sweet sound…the sound of true worship.  Each morning I start the day by praying that God will allow me to hear that sound before the day is over.  My prayer is that He will let me come in contact with someone that doesn’t know Him so I can share the Gospel.  Then I spend the day expecting…and looking…for that person.


Things I’m Praying For