Healthy things grow!  That’s a fact…not a theory.  Too many times churches concentrate on growth, momentum and marketing…forgetting that numerical and spiritual growth isn’t sustainable in an unhealthy environment.  Growth is possible…but will fade quickly if there is unhealthy leadership, practices and strategies in place.

At Compass Point we have seen unprecedented growth in our midst since Easter.  Currently we are between waves of growth…which is a healthy place to be.  It gives a chance to pause, pray, reflect and plan.  It also gives a us chance to refocus and tweak our efforts, structure and strategy…to be more in line with the vision God has given us as a church. That vision has never changed in our five year history…it is…and will always be:

  1. To reach people far from God with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. To lead them into a growing relationship with God.

We seem to have #1 down to a fine art.  God has blessed us with people with a heart for lost folks in Lakeland.  Seldom is a month that goes by that we don’t see someone come to Christ, a broken marriage restored or a person far from God experience life change…and soul change.

However, #2 of our vision is going to take something a little more than we’ve been able to give…it’s going to take Compass Point being more healthy.  I’m not trying to imply we are not healthy…I think we are.  I just believe that God is calling us to be MORE healthy in the new year.  To pray healthier, to plan healthier, to prepare healthier and to implement what we are called to do healthier.

Over the next several weeks I will be coming back to the health theme in my blogs.  As God continues to reveal to me what a healthier Compass Point looks likes…I will share it with you.  Stay tuned…and keep doing what you do for the Kingdom of God.