Sunday Replay – January 3, 2010

Tonight I will begin a feature on my blog where I’ll offer thoughts and insights for the Sunday service each week at Compass Point.  Some thoughts will be serious…others funny…some insightful…but all relevant to what God is doing at Compass Point.  It will be in a bullet point rambling format…here goes…

  1. I didn’t preach today because for the first time in the history of Compass Point I was a volunteer in the kids’ ministry. I had a BLAST (Lion….roar)!!!
  2. I’m told that Wes Fortune did a great job preaching today…I’m looking forward to seeing the rebroadcast tomorrow.
  3. To all of those that cheered so loud when it was announced that I wasn’t preaching and Wes was…I will no longer be praying for you, available to you and WILL be using you by name as sermon examples.  🙂
  4. I had a ball working with Fred Capel in CPK 3…he is a great developing leader.
  5. One of my favorite things each Sunday is the volunteer huddle before the service.
  6. Compass Point is so blessed to have many great men of God that can fill the pulpit when I need a break.  Not every church has that.
  7. As usual the kids out-sang and out-clapped the congregation today during the time of worship.  We even had a few children “pogo” dancing during “Immortal Invisible”.  🙂
  8. I know for a fact that we had several people in today’s audience that did not know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It is amazing to see God deliver those folks when we are faithful in our calling to the vision of Compass Point.
  9. The Compass Point Kids leaders and volunteers are simply AMAZING.  They work so hard so that children can hear the Word of God. Melanie, Tina and the whole CPK gang…YOU ROCK!!!
  10. I was amazed at how much our kids knew about the Bible today and how much they wanted to read the Scriptures out loud during the lesson time.
  11. We are about to take generosity to a whole new level at Compass Point.  More about that over the next four Sundays.
  12. I never get tired of hearing a young voice say the words, “Pastor Chris”.  It is humbling…and an honor to be able to shepherd the future of God’s Church.
  13. We need several hundred NIV Bibles for our kids’ ministry so every child can have one to read while we are discussing the lesson.  Does someone feel the need to step up financially for this?  🙂
  14. There are those days when a pastor just really realizes how much he loves his flock and his church.  Today was one of those days for me.
  15. Next week we start our “Dominate” sermon series. I’m more excited about this set of messages and the vision that God has been laying on my heart to share during them than any other sermon series in the history of Compass Point.
  16. As great as today was…I believe that our best Sunday at Compass Point is always our next.  I never grow tired of seeing God move in our midst week after week.
Sunday Replay – January 3, 2010