Sunday Replay – January 17, 2010

  1. Good day today at Compass Point.  Good attendance and a good amount of new faces.
  2. The band flat hit it out of the park today…they were so on!!!
  3. Great to have my good friend Dave Anderson in the service…he’s one of my best friends in ministry and I love hanging out with the dude.  There’s been some serious “iron sharpening iron” during his visit.
  4. We had HUGE sign up numbers for this semester of Sunday night Bible studies.  Denise and I are in the “Foundations” class and we are learning a lot from our teacher Jonathan Williams.
  5. Only about three more weeks of football…the after season depression will be setting in soon.  🙂
  6. Really excited about the response we are already seeing to our “Dominate” challenge.  Compass Point folks are really praying about this.
  7. The leaders and volunteers of Compass Point Kids are simply the best.  They had the kids outside doing some crazy stuff with water balloons and umbrellas.
  8. Did I mention that the band flat rocked the house today?  The did some Tom Petty off the cuff to open the set…amazing!!!
  9. Praying that everyone will take the 10% tithe challenge next week.  God will make the impossible possible if so!!!
  10. Keep praying for the folks affected by Haiti earthquake…it’s bad…but God is still on the throne…and is still doing miracles in that country every day.
Sunday Replay – January 17, 2010