Sunday Replay – January 24, 2010

  1. We had to bring in more chairs today…quite a few guests…and a bunch of folks that have just started calling Compass Point home.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me how Satan loves to throw us curve balls.  Denise was sick this morning, had some YMCA issues and the basketball goals would not budge.  You can blame it on circumstance…I truly believe we are in a spiritual battle.
  3. An anonymous donor gave us a brand new iMac for our web campus.  Do you know how long we’ve been praying for that?  God is so good when we least expect it…or deserve it.
  4. It felt great to actually worship during the time of offering.  So many times we push the obedience aspect of tithing…and forget it’s a worship thing!
  5. I’m glad that people are nervous about next week.  The whole “Dominate” thing was to get us out of our comfort zone as a church and individuals…and stretch us.  It’s suppose to be hard…it’s suppose to be scary…it’s suppose to be a risk.
  6. We’ve got a team leaders’ meeting this afternoon and I’m super excited about it.  I love our team and what they do for the Kingdom of God each week.
  7. Whatever it takes we are bringing Kyle Bridges on full time this Spring.  People do not realize that Compass Point doesn’t happen without him.
  8. Spent the last two days praying for a bunch of pastors and churches…not just elsewhere but also in Lakeland.  It’s the Kingdom…not a competition.  I love seeing God do stuff in other congregations as well as Compass Point.
  9. I’m heading to Las Vegas tomorrow to spend time with some top pastors.  I love hanging out with these guys…iron sharpening iron…challenging and pushing each other for the cause of Christ.
  10. Heading home after the meetings to nurse a sick wife.  Please pray for Denise…her migraines are getting more frequent.
  11. I’m so stoked about what God and the people of Compass Point are going to do next Sunday…I won’t be able to sleep much this week.
Sunday Replay – January 24, 2010