Sunday Replay – February 7, 2010

A few thoughts from Sunday…but recorded on Monday.  Got sidetracked from blogging because of the Super Bowl.

  1. Had a person accept Christ as their Lord and Savior on Sunday.  In the words of Perry Noble…that never gets old.
  2. Even after announcing the Dominate Fund numbers yesterday…the final total is still rising.
  3. We had technical problems with the sound and web campus…that always gets old.
  4. Had a great time hanging out with Compass Point folks watching the Super Bowl.
  5. Was blown away by some of the financial commitments our teenagers made for Dominate!!!
  6. Having grown up in Louisiana it was pretty amazing seeing the Saints win.
  7. Within ten minutes of the game ending post-football season depression kicked in.  🙂
  8. Getting excited about taking some of our leaders to Unleash next month.
  9. The flu bug that is going around Central Florida affected a BUNCH of churches…including us the past two weeks.
  10. Can barely contain myself with the stuff we are getting ready to do with Compass Point Kids…you’ll see what I’m talking about in a few weeks.
  11. The electronics’ box is filling up fast for the leprosy colony and ministry in India.
  12. Looking forward to next Sunday’s sermon and service…and what God will do in our midst.
Sunday Replay – February 7, 2010