Last Week On The Twitterverse

This was just some of the dozens of Twitter postings about Compass Point over the last week.

  1. Ninja_Mike – The band rocked this morning @compasspoint
  2. johnmckee – It’s a party for GOD today @compasspoint
  3. ChrisElrod – The @CompassPoint crew at the Anderson Cracker Barrel getting ready to chow down after a day at #Unleash.
  4. LaurenDJohnson – We have the best “junior volunteers” @CompassPoint !
  5. CompassPoint – The @CompassPoint team made it safely to Anderson, SC for the #Unleash Conference. Thanks for the prayers.
  6. courtneybridges – While trying to thank @CompassPoint vols 4 all they do, couldn’t get them to stop volunteering!!!
  7. johnmckee – Listening to a substitute teacher’s ironic view on children at a fast food restaurant @compasspoint
  8. LaurenDJohnson – Sewing sheets for @CompassPoint kids. @LillieMonster is handing me pins, who says kids can’t volunteer! Bologna!
  9. Ninja_Mike – how do you follow GOD?  read the Bible and do what it says – @chriselrod
  10. moviepastor – praying for pastor friends @brianmayfield @shannonodell @michaelrobison @chriselrod @journeypastor @marklovetv
Last Week On The Twitterverse