Unleash Take-Aways

Last week several Compass Point leaders and I attended  Unleash at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina.  Perry Noble, his staff and all of the NewSpring volunteers did such an amazing job!  Our folks came back renewed, energized and ready to take our vision for reaching people far from God to the next level.

The following are some quotes, questions and observations from Perry that really rocked my world:

  1. Pastor…when was the last time you and your church were truly desperate for God?
  2. If we (church leaders) are truly following God then our back will always be against the wall financially.
  3. Everybody in church loves the idea of progress…but not the idea of sacrifice.
  4. We seem to be more concerned with attendance than repentance.
  5. Are we asking God to build His church or our church?
  6. The only strategy a church really needs is to listen to God and do what He says.
  7. If you can fully explain what is happening in your church then it probably is not God.
  8. The more complex a church becomes the more it is trying to make everyone happy.
  9. If an airline was run like a traditional church the pilot would have to get permission from everyone on the plane before taking the necessary steps to clear turbulence.
  10. Be careful of the crowd.  Those that deify also crucify.
  11. The Bible says that the one that won’t work is lazy.  The Bible also says the one that won’t rest is disobedient.
  12. Pastor…God doesn’t need you to love His bride (the church).  God needs you to love your bride (your wife).
Unleash Take-Aways