Sunday Replay – March 28, 2010

  1. What a great day at Compass Point today.  I expected attendance to be a little down with Spring Break kicking in…but I never expected to have so many FIRST TIME guests!!!
  2. Everyone in attendance got a free Compass Point t-shirt today.  You snooze you lose.  🙂
  3. I’m digging the three-piece “power trio” band thing right now…they were pretty power sounding this morning!
  4. We are moving the office this week.  Just inked a deal that was financially great for us and locks in a permanent corporate home for Compass Point that is solely ours.
  5. Bad news…our phone number will be changing.  Good news…no one at Compass Point ever calls it…they just email.  🙂
  6. Next week is Easter and I am so stoked about the possibilities.  Invest and invite this week…the rewards will be life changing.
  7. We had a big bump in those watching the web campus this morning. I’m always amazed that people all over the world participate in the Sunday services each week.
  8. Yes…what I shared this morning was true…I almost got arrested for being a “peeping Tom” yesterday.  🙂
  9. My prayer this week is that we will be desperate for God and be desperate to see people come to know Him.
  10. Make a point to contact those on your Invest & Invite card this and ask them to come to Compass Point next Sunday.
Sunday Replay – March 28, 2010