When I was in middle school I had a friend named Billy. He came from a broken home, had experienced some tragedies in life and lived on the edge of poverty each day. Because of Billy’s life circumstances and the lifestyle of his mom he was kind of a hell raiser.

As our friendship grew I wanted to see Billy come to know Jeus but I didn’t really know how to witness to him. On top of that I was afraid to witness to him. I was scared that he’d say “no” or even pull away from our friendship. I talked to my Mom about it and she suggested I just invite Billy to come to youth group one Wednesday night. I followed Mom’s advice and simply invited Billy to come to church…and he said “yes”!

That Wednesday night our youth pastor shared a pretty straight forward Gospel message. After it was over…on the ride back home…Billy began to ask questions about Jesus, salvation and God. I listened closely as Mom began to share her own personal testimony with him and then sat there in amazement as Billy asked her how he could become a Christian. Later that night I got to lead him in a prayer where Billy asked Jesus into his heart. I could barely stay in my seat the next Sunday when he was baptized.

That was my first experience helping to lead someone to Jesus…and I’ve never gotten over it. After Mom showed me that night how to witness to someone I’ve never looked back. All it took was inesting time and love into someone’s lfe and then inviting them to church…or to Jesus. I still spend each and every day looking for a new person to invest in and invite to church.

This coming Suday is Easter…the easiest day of the year to get someone to come to church. At Compass Point I will be giving a very straight forward and clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Who have you invested in recetly for the sake of God’s Kingdom? Who have you invited this week to come to God’s house on Sunday? Who is the Billy in your life that God is counting solely on you to reach out to? The spiritual rewards could be great if you’d only invest and invite!