Sunday Replay – Easter Sunday 2010

  1. I won’t get the official numbers until tomorrow, but we had a packed house.
  2. I saw a couple at breakfast this morning I hadn’t seen in a long time…knew they hadn’t gone to church in quite a while…invited them to church…and THEY SHOWED UP!!!
  3. The weather today was amazing…really made Easter Sunday great.
  4. We had a BUNCH of first time guests in the service.
  5. Really dug the video interlude between the second and third song…something to really think about.
  6. Our volunteers…especially the tech team…really pulled out all of the stops today.
  7. The “huddle time” took on a more serious tone today…but was a great reminder that we all need to “leave everything on the field” every Sunday.
  8. I think the new offices are going to work out great.  Glad we got everything moved…thanks to all of those that helped us.
  9. Not crazy about spring break for Polk County Schools being the week of Easter.  I truly believe it affected attendance today to some extent.
  10. I love reading on Twitter, blogs and Facebook about what God does in other churches throughout the United States.
  11. Just because next week isn’t Easter doesn’t mean you can quit investing in people far from God and inviting them to Compass Point.
Sunday Replay – Easter Sunday 2010