A Reason To Celebrate

One of the greatest things about pastoring Compass Point Church is getting to hear all of the incredible stories about how God moves when we reach out to people far from Him.  Almost every week one of our folks tells me a story that is a reason to celebrate God’s blessings…and this week was no exception.  I received the following email from one of our volunteer leaders this morning…and it blew me away!!!

Hey Chris.  Just wanted to let you know that a very dear friend of ours that we have been asking to come to church for almost 2 years finally came on Easter Sunday! She doesn’t know Christ at all and He is definitely what she has been searching for.  She is going to come back!!!  We have been praying for her for a long time.  She loved your message.  She hasn’t quite gotten it yet, but I think God is definitely knocking.  I’m so grateful to have Compass Point to invite people to!

A Reason To Celebrate

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  1. …and that’s all we need to keep us going some days. It’s why we do what we do. Congrats on creating that kind of environment and attracting people who persistently pray and passionately seek. Good work.


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