The Power Of An Invite

Every Sunday morning I head to a local restaurant to eat breakfast and to take a final look at my sermon outline.  Last Sunday was no exception even though it was Easter Sunday.  Right after I had placed my order and I had begun to look over my notes…I heard my name called.  About three tables over sat a young man that used to go to my youth groups over a decade ago.  He and his wife were in town to visit family and just happened to be eating at the same restaurant as me.  They invited me to sit with them and visit.  It was at that moment I had two choices to make:

  1. Say a quick “hello” and then explain that I needed to finish memorizing my sermon outline.
  2. Realize this was an opportunity to invite someone to church and sit down for breakfast with them.

I chose the later.  We ha a great visit and I discovered that they had not bee in church in over 10 years.  As we talked I kept looking for an opportunity to invite them to Compass Point.  Finally the moment presented itself and I asked them to drop by one Sunday when they were back in town.  They asked me some questions about Compass Point and then told me they’d have to come try it one day.

A few hours later I was about to get up and preach my Easter Sunday sermon.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that they had come to church and were setting about three rows from the front.  This was a mere two hours after I had invited them to come to Compass Point.

An invite is a powerful thing that can be the first step in seeing someone’s heart and life changed by God.  Who are you going to invite to come to church today?

The Power Of An Invite