Where’s Your Point?

This past Sunday I talked about there needing to be undeniable evidence in our lives that we are followers of Jesus Christ.  That includes every area of our lives…what we say, how we act, the things we do…and the things we write.  I love following people on Twitter or seeing their updates on Facebook…I love posting to those social media networks as well.  However, I’ve recently begun to have concerns at some of the things I’m seeing and experiencing.  I see quite a few folks that I know attend church…lead a church…or claim to be followers of Christ…but never see anything posted on their Facebook or Twitter accounts that indicate it.  I see updates about their day at work, their favorite cause, pimping some product, retweeting a chance to win a new iPad or the random comments about a television show.  Rarely…or never…do they post about their relationship with Christ.  I sit there thinking, “Where’s your point?”

As followers of Christ our calling…our command…is to point people to Jesus.  Social media is dangerous in the fact that it is easy to constantly point people to us.  Don’t get me wrong I like to find out about the person…but Twitter and Facebook is like having our own little voice in a very large listening world…what are you telling them?  Where are you pointing people?  Where’s your point when people know that you are against a political candidate but not for Jesus?  Where’s your point when they know every detail about LOST but no details about your relationship with God?  Where’s you point when you are pumping some cause or idea…but never pump the cause of Christ?  It begs the question that my good friend Perry is always asking, “Are you trying to be discovered (by man) or developed (by God)?  Are you trying to feed your ego….get people to laugh…make a name for yourself…meet someone of the opposite sex…or establish a place at the “cool kids’ table”…or are you trying to point people to the life-saving message of Christ?  Look at what you’ve posted to Twitter or Facebook over the past week…where’s you point…you or Jesus?

Where’s Your Point?

2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Point?

  1. Brian says:

    Hi Chris…I follow your twitter updates (I started following you cause a few other people I follow and respect followed you as well) and saw this post today. I work part-time at a church as their creative arts director (I’m actually on their lead team) and work part-time as a DJ flying all over the US for nightclub appearances and private events. While the temptaion is their to carry on two different lifestyles/personas is their,I’ve never struggled in this arena.

    I’m of a different vantage point than you on this matter…this isn’t a bad thing just a difference of opnion and worth bringing up. I agree that our talk should be “uplifting” (Ephesians 4:29) whether that be through our mouth, e-mail, blogs, twitter, facebook etc. But “your talk” shouldn’t be your ONLY relfection of your “walk”. In fact, that should be secondary, if anything. I know plenty of people who put tons of scripture on their blogs, e-mail sigs, social networking sites and you’d think they were the most Godly people on earth but if you were to put a microscope lense on them, their life couldn’t be further from their speech.

    John 13:35 puts it plainly: “By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Living out the walk will always bear more witness than a verse on a facebook page. Shouting God’s name from the rooftop is great but as you can see, that’s not it. Just love others. Very basic yet very profound.

    My two cents. Thanks for opening the dialogue.


  2. Jean-Paul Ramjattan says:


    Just as the previous reader I came to this site through someone else’s reference (Perry). I live here in Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean Islands) and am moved by the fact that the very things we have been trying to establish with our young people is the very same thing I have encountered in this article.

    Currently I am the youth leader and have been very concerned about what we have seen with these social sites. The truth is that in my heart I think you are absolutely correct. I know people may think this to be extreme in some cases, however I believe if we look at Jesus’s life, it was all about Kingdom. His ‘everyday’ activities lead him back to the Father’s work. If he were around now, how would that look? How would His Facebook page look, twitter updates? I am not sure exactly, but I am sure it would be filled with directions to the Father above.

    Your article reflected on those who lack the representation of Christ even when they proclaim to be His followers on these social networks. For me the issue is not just filling the social networks with prayers or scriptures to prove our stand, it goes deeper. If we are truly walking in the light of God, then everything in our life will reflect His presence and glory in our lives. I will not need anyone to tell me to put a scripture, because it would be there already! Social sites that we use to glorify God should not be our sign that we are Christians, but simply a by-product of a life that lives for His Glory!

    Stay blessed, and continue to be a blessing!


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