Sunday Replay – April 18, 2010

  • We had TWO people accept Christ as their Lord and Savior yesterday at Compass Point.  I am also humbled when that happens…and grateful that God has His hand in this church.
  • It was tense sermon and a pretty tense delivery.  Sometimes Bible verses aren’t happy and Matthew 7:21-23 is one of those Scriptures.
  • The stories of what people did with the $20 was pretty amazing…and emotional.  God really worked through our folks to make an impact for His Kingdom in Lakeland.  We’ll have a few video testimonies to show beginning next Sunday.
  • Pastor Kyle did a great job of leading worship while Jon was away.  Who knew Kyle could sing?  🙂
  • I love the fact that Compass Point folks that are out-of-town or home sick can watch the services live online.  However I am frustrated by those that watch every week because they are too lazy to get up and come to church.  Also bothered by those that live in other parts of the country that simply don’t want to connect with a local church. More on that later this week.
  • Every week I’m always blown away by Larry and Lin and the time they take to make home made baked goods for our cafe.  I love that couple…and their chocolate chip cookies.  🙂
  • I made it through a sermon without mentioning something that would get me in trouble with my wife.
  • Last night at this semester of Bible studies I learned that James (as in the writer of the Book of James) was nicknamed “old camel knees” because he was always on his knees praying.  I never knew that before.
  • If you missed last night’s Bible study…it was only the first one of this semester…and we still have seven more…come next SUnday night to YMCA at 6:15 a.m.
  • It’s Monday…so I am already looking forward to next Sunday…I believe it is going to be Compass Point’s best Sunday yet.
Sunday Replay – April 18, 2010