Lessons From An Older Pastor

At the ripe old age of 44 years old I have now been in ministry over 20 years…the majority of it serving in some capacity as a church staff member.  Over the years I’ve learned a few things that are not in the church planter/leadership books.  Here are 12 of them.

  1. Being a good leader is important but being a good pastor is essential.
  2. The only difference between leading a small church and a big church is where the decimal point goes in the budget…we all deal with the same battles.
  3. Don’t blow all of your resources on the launch day…you’re gonna need them even more on the following day.
  4. You can tell what kind of a pastor a man is by how he treats his wife and children.
  5. God isn’t going to ask you how big your church was…but how big your heart was.
  6. Nobody gives a rip about the start…just the finish.
  7. There is ALWAYS a mission opportunity standing 3 feet from you.
  8. A spouse that cheats forfeits the right to ever say they are a good parent.
  9. Never go for the joke when you should be going for the hug.
  10. God will never numerically grow your church until you spiritually grow your family.
  11. Sermon prep is a mute point without personal prep.
  12. Accountability only works if you want to be accountable.
Lessons From An Older Pastor

3 thoughts on “Lessons From An Older Pastor

  1. Good stuff sir. Thanks for sharing this. Number 4 is something I personally try and concentrate on. I’m sure some will read #8 as a little harsh, but I can say that my kids (and the whole “the Bible says love your wife as Christ loved the church” thing) has definitely helped me any time marriage gets difficult.


  2. As for #8…forgiveness is possible…but not the ability to forget…the damage on a child is done. You can’t say that you’re good father and mother if you care so little about your kids…their well being…and their upbringing…that you cheat on their mother or father. Harsh…but reality.


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