Leading On Empty

One of the things I have discovered the hard way is that pastors cannot lead their churches on empty.  After years of running out of steam…crashing hard…spiritual burnout…and losing all motivation…I came to realize that you just have to take a break sometimes.  Several times a year I get away by myself to pray, read God’s Word and fast.  However, it has been years since I took an honest-to-goodness vacation.  That ends today!!!

In a few hours Denise and I will be getting on a plane heading for Canada.  From there we will board a ship for a cruise through inner coastal way of Alaska.  I am not taking leadership books.  I am not taking doctrinal books.  I am not taking preaching podcasts. I am not taking conference recordings.  I will not be blogging.  I will not be checking my email.  I will not be responding to text messages, Twitter DMs or Facebook posts.  I will not be strategizing…discovering vision…working on sermon series ideas…or even thinking about Compass Point Church.  I will…however…be relaxing with my wife…lounging in deck chairs…sleeping in…watching whales in the ocean…and eating great food non-stop for 8 straight days.  I will enjoy seeing some amazing country…incredible wildlife…taking a metric butt-load of photos…and spending quality time with my AMAZING wife.  I will come back well-rested…with a clear mind…and a rejuvenated spirit.

I’ll holler when I get back.  🙂

Leading On Empty

One thought on “Leading On Empty

  1. Jackson says:

    You moved another notch up my admiration ladder. Can’t wait for the ‘picture party’ upon your return.


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