Sun Stand Still

For the last few weeks I have had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Pastor Steven Furtick’s book SUN STAND STIL.  Part biography of what God is doing through through his church in Charlotte, NC…part in-depth Bible study of Joshua…this book has rocked my world.  It has moved me so much that we lunched the “Sun Stand Still” sermon series at Compass Point this past Sunday.

Having known Pastor Steven and members of his staff for a while many of the “sun stand still” stories he tells about Elevation Church I had heard before.  I really expected to just breeze through the book…skipping parts I was already familiar with.  However on page 14 a question mowed me over like a runaway freight train:

“Could it be that God intends for us to have the same kind of audacious faith – the kind of faith that dares to believe God for the impossible – as a normal way of life?”

From that line on I began a journey through the book that rocked my walk with God…my faith…and my prayer life.   I poured over every single word…drank in the rich lessons from Joshua…celebrated the “sun stand still” stories throughout the book and became repentent before God about the lack of size and vision of my prayers.  All in all…SUN STAND STILL is one of those life-changing…ministry-changing…books!!!

SInce the book does not come out for another two weeks I will be posting to my Twitter and Facebook accounts each day this week specific lines from SUN STAND STILL that jumped out at me.  If you’d like to pre-order your own copy, please click here…you’ll be glad you did!!!

Sun Stand Still