I received a recent email questioning the amount of resources and conferences I pimp on my blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.  It was a fair question that caused me to reflect on recent posts.  I’ll have to admit that there has been a fair amount of plugging resources, books, conferences, etc. on here lately.  However, I firmly stand by each thing I’ve pushed.  You’ll see nothing pimped here that I am not already using, have used or am directly involved in.  Seldom does a month go by that I don’t get a book in the mail, an email from a “friend” or a box of crap from a conference with the intent of me plugging their stuff on my social media accounts.  Much of it I turn down…don’t respond…or remind them that meeting them in the lobby of a conference doesn’t constitute as “friendship”. However, there are specific churches, pastors, church leaders or organizations that I will always be glad to pimp.  These folks have helped Compass Point or myself out in a BIG way and I’m always glad to promote their stuff in order to further the Kingdom of God.  The following is a list of them:

1. Perry Noble/NewSpring Church – Though Perry and I have been friends for a while…I do not promote his or NewSpring’s stuff because of that.  His coaching network was the single greatest investment my church has ever made into our/my leadership.  It forever changed me and the way I lead Compass Point…for the better.  We have also seen unlimited benefits by taking our team leaders and volunteers to Unleash each year.  They come back with a glimpse of what could be if we are totally sold out to God.

2. Pastor Steven Furtick/Elevation Church – Elevation’s investment in Compass Point is only second to NewSpring.  Whether it’s books, a word of encouragement through Twitter, taking the time to answer our questions or just sharing with us what God can do in Lakeland…Elevation is the real deal…and wants to see every church do audacious things for the Kingdom. Pastor Steven’s book “Sun Stand Still” rocked our staff, my wife and my world.

3. Leadership Network It was an honor for me to participate in The Nines this year.  Even before that we were taking our folks to the Exponential Conference and utilizing their resources.  I personally love the Exponential Conference because of the diversity of styles, strategies, ideas and leaders that you find there.  It’s so amazing to see different churches from different backgrounds with different visions reaching people all over the world for God.

4. Michael Lukaszewski/Oak Leaf Church – Compass Point would literally have no forms or documents if it wasn’t for Oak Leaf Church.  In fact most of the resources we use for leadership, discipleship and assimilation is nothing more than us plugging the words Compass Point in where the word Oak Leaf was. Michael and his staff have always taken the time to speak with us, invest in us and encourage us.

5. Joseph Sangl/Casey Graham I know both Joe and Casey on a personal level and they are the smartest guys alive when it come to church finances and getting out of debt.  If they wrote a book about the financial advantages of wearing Christian-based underwear…I’d buy it.  Luckily they didn’t…but their “Funded And Free” book is a must read for all church leaders!!!  Joe’s financial tools, seminars and resources are used almost weekly by someone at Compass Point.  Except for the giving kiosks (there’s a Lakeland/local culture reason I’ll go into in a later blog post)…I’ve done everything Casey has ever told me to do around Compass Point…and it works.

Obviously there are others things that I promote…like the upcoming Sticks Conference…but the people, churches or organizations listed above will always get my support.