Turn And Face The Strange Cha…Cha…Changes

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pretty sporadic with my blog posts, Twitter updates and Facebook posts.  Some of it was just a need to clear my head…but the majority of it was to really make some hard decisions concerning my output and participation on social networks.  One of the questions that constantly drives me, my leadership and my ministry is:

Do I want to be discovered or developed?

Do I want to self promote so men and women can take notice of me…of Compass Point…of my accomplishments…or do I want to be developed by God.  Since Perry asked me this question it has been one of the constant things I filter most of my decisions through.  In doing so I have come to discover some things about social networking that has caused me to take a pause…and realize some concerns I have about it.

1. Twitter, Facebook and blogging can be an endless vacuum that sucks away time and productivity.

2. There are very few filters on social networks.  It allows you to say things you wouldn’t necessarily say in personal to someone…and that’s not always good.

3. It is an easy tool to begin to base your self worth and self esteem on.  The number of followers, how many retweets and the amount of hits can become a god.

4. It’s easy to spend time promoting yourself, your church, your cause…and not our Heavenly Father.

5. Because there is no body language or voice inflections in social network posts…things can easily be misunderstood and damaging.

It is for these reason…and through much prayer and council…that I have decided to make some changes in how I approach social networking.  I realize it can be a great tool for helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ…and am making more of a conscience effort to post things that point people to Him.  I’ll occasionally post things about what’s going on in my life…but I’m feeling less and less comfortable about that these days.  I’m trying to make more of an effort to filter any post I make through whether it points people to God…or to me…or to football.  🙂

In order to better manage my time I have cut back on the people that I follow on Twitter (close personal friends, Compass Point leaders and inspiring pastors only) and will only posting to my blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As for Facebook…I like wishing people happy birthday and making the occasional comment/like to a post…but I will no longer use it as another inbox.  I already have an email inbox and trying to answer all of the Facebook messages was killing me.  I also have an issue creating “fan” page to handle this problem…just feels arrogant to me.  From now on people sending me direct messages on Facebook are being told to email me directly if they want a reply.

These convictions about Twitter, Facebook and blogging are my convictions.  I don;t expect everyone to have them…but I have no intention of diving into a social network conversation to defend them.

Turn And Face The Strange Cha…Cha…Changes