Why I Vote

So the 2010 midterm elections are now in the history books.  While there is still some ballot counting going on…and the inevitable recount lawsuits being drawn up…the winners have been declared.  As usual I didn’t vote for a particular party…but specific candidates…some Republican…some Democrate…no Tea Party candidates this time.  As with most Floridians I feel cheated…and hosed…by the Governor’s race.  Both candidates displayed an amazing ability…to act like middle school drama queens. I can only imagine the state tax dollars that will go into to paying for the winner’s Pampers over the next four years.

Even though there was a lot of division in this election…and mud slinging…I still feel honored to be a part of the process.  I have never understood…or respected…someone that choses not to vote.  Even with all of our economic and political problems…America is a great and amazing country.  The freedoms that we have on a daily basis are things that people in other countries can only dream of.  I realize that there are times when I am not jazzed about certain elections, candidates or political races.  There are times I am unhappy with the choices, winners or ballot measures.  There are times I feel like I have thrown my vote away…or that my vote doesn’t count.  But that doesn’t stop me from voting.  Why?  For these reasons:

1. GOD God allowed me to be born into a democratic society.  Because of His goodness I have the right to vote in free and fair elections.  I will never dishonor His blessing by note voting.

2. HONOR Many men and women have served…and died…in our armed forces providing the blanket of freedom that I sleep under each night.  I will not dishonor their service…or memory…but not participating in voting process.

3. COUNTRY American citizens have not only the right…but the duty…to make their vote known.  If we have learned anything so far in the 21st century it’s that an election can be determined by a few thousand…a few hundred…and even a few dozen…votes.

Why I Vote