Some Medical Issues

When I was a teenager living in Colorado Springs I was hiking with some friends on Cheyenne Mountain.  While crossing a stream there was an accident and I was swept over a waterfall…dropping about 300 yards straight down into some boulders.  Nothing was broke but I landed on by back and the force of the impact swung my body around where my head was into another boulder.  It was literally a miracle that I lived through the fall.  The majority of the physical damage was done to my lower back and spinal discs.  Within a few months I was back to normal activity, but the doctors prepared me that I’d have a lifetime of disc problems.

This past Fall I began to have more back issues than usual and by December I was in constant discomfort.  On January 29th I woke up with pain like never before and could not feel my legs.  Denise rushed me to the hospital…they did an extensive MRI…and discovered that my L5 disc had collapsed into my spinal cortex.  Since then I’ve been speaking with spinal specialists and seeing one of the top neurosurgeons in Florida.  They have determined that without treatment the disc will eventually sever the spinal cord leaving me paralyzed.

I am currently working with physical therapists and pain management specialists in order to get me to summer.  Unfortunately I am unable to drive and my mobility is limited.  In June I will undergo a pretty in-depth surgery that should give me a little more mobility, restore feeling to my legs and prevent further damage.   I’ve been told that the surgery will not alleviate the pain and that I will probably have to use a cane for the rest of my life.  However, the added mobility that the surgery will provide means only a few “lifestyle changes” will be required when recovery is complete.  The biggest drawback is that I will be out of the pulpit for around 10 weeks and full recovery will take about 12 months.

I see this as just another challenge that I’m blessed by God to be able to overcome.  Boredom is the enemy of someone with ADD…and truthfully…this gives me something to do and a goal to shoot for.  Denise and I have already seen God work through this and feel that He has great things in store.  I also know that Compass Point has been blessed with great pastors and leaders.  The church has never been about one person and I am proud of those that are stepping up during this time.  All in all I’m at peace with this and look forward to seeing God get the glory no matter the outcome.

Over the next few months there will be many medical tests, Compass Point planning meetings and decisions to be made.  We’ll be taking it one day at a time and praying for guidance through it all.  Thank you to all that sent emails or cards, prayed, brought meals by, provided encouragement or just loved on Denise and I the last few weeks.  We have truly been moved and humbled by you. Please know that you are in our prayers and ask that you keep us in your’s.

Some Medical Issues