Meeting Docs

A few weeks ago I posted about our weekly schedule and “open office” policy at Compass Point Church.  Since then I’ve had a BUNCH of requests from folks to post more about the two SET weekly meetings that we have…the Weekly Rundown and the Weekly Review.  Instead of trying to rehash the specifics of each meeting…I think the best way to convey what we do and how those meetings are structured is just to post the overview documents I sent out to our staff.  Click the links below to download the PDFs documents.

Weekly Rundown Meeting Overview

Weekly Review Meeting Overview

It took us about two years to really narrow in on the meeting culture of Compass Point Church.  Much of what was developed in the documents above were based off of conversations with Chunks Corbett of Elevation Church, tips found in Patrick Lencioni’s book “Death By Meeting“, docs we purchased from Here To Lead (a great resource)…but it really didn’t come together until we read the book Rework.

If you are a church leader I would encourage you to not just steal meetings ideas from other sources and use them wholesale at you church.  Instead take the time to really discover who you are, who the staff is, the values or goals of your church…and then develop a meeting ritual that uniquely fits your church.  Anyway…I hope these documents above help in your journey.

Meeting Docs