Benevolence Policy

People in need…it’s something that every church deals with.  Over the last several years the economy, amount of benevolence requests and the tight budgeting for our church has caused our pastors/elders to take a look at what a definitive benevolence policy should be for Compass Point Church.  After months of praying, pouring over Scripture, checking out what financial help is already available in Polk County and multiple discussions…we came up with the following policy.  As usual we have made it a free download.

Benevolence Policy & Application

As your read over keep in mind a few things:

1. There are many parachurch and nonprofit ministries in Polk County that cater to those that are homeless, have addictions or come from an abusive home.

2. At Compass Point we truly believe in proper Biblical accountability. Much of the things in the Book of Acts brought us to the conclusion that we must be involved to some level in the continued spiritual development of the person we are helping.

3. This is our policy…it may not work for you…that’s cool.  We provided it as a starting point for other churches to develop their own.

4. I simply will not respond to…or argue with…someone that takes issue with the contents of the policy or application.  You do not know our culture, our community and you were not in on the hours of prep work it took for this. Our convictions may not be your convictions…if you don’t like something about our policy…change it in your’s.

Benevolence Policy