Questions I’m Wrestling WIth

These are just some things I’m wrestling with at the moment.  I’m not sure they are all that deep and spiritual…but I’m wrestling with them none of  the less.

1. What makes a church relevant?  Is it attendance, baptisms, life change or the number of people far from God that are being reached?

2. Has creativity become the “tail that wags the dog” in church today?  How come we’ll lay off people to afford massive video screens or the latest editing software?

3. Have we mistaken excellence for perfection?  Has the Church put up such a perfected front that we are no longer relevant to people with messy lives?

4. What are the advantages of denominations in the 21st Century?  Have they run their course?  Do they offer anything tangible to the local church?

5. Are church planting networks really reaching people far from God with the Gospel or just seeing how many churches they can launch?  Has quantity trumped quality?

6. Do we really go to conferences to be challenged and learn…or simply to see and be seen?

7. If we say we love our community…how come pastors are expected to stay silent about  politicians that are damaging our community?

8. Have we become so Scripturally illiterate in America that we can no longer discern true heresy?

9. Why do denominations spend some much time, effort and finances trying to revitalize plateaued churches and so little on true church planting?

10. Why do we give credence to so many young pastors that have a very short track record…and so little credence to older pastors that have run a long race with integrity…and finished well?

Questions I’m Wrestling WIth