Front Row Of The Worship Time

A while back I wrote that on Sundays you can usually find me on the front row during our worship services. This wasn’t always the case…in years past I would be running around talking to people or in a “secret” area/green room looking over my sermon notes. This wasn’t healthy for Compass Point and it wasn’t healthy for me.

Earlier this year I made the decision to sit on the front row every Sunday from the time the service started until it ended. The only time I’m not sitting there is when I’m preaching. Here are the reasons why I made this decision in no particular order:

1. I needed to worship. Spending time in quality corporate worship is such a better sermon prep tool for me than looking back over my “notes” for the umpteenth time. When I worship I’m pumped up, I’m excited and…most importantly…I have come into the presence of God right before I bring a message from His Word.

2. I’m a worship leader. My actual title is Senior Pastor. Jonathan Williams…our real worship leader…does a great job. However, their are those in the audience that are going to take their worship “cues” from what people around them are doing. When I’m on the front row they see me clapping, raising hands, singing, air drumming, etc…attempting to lead out in connecting people to God through worship.

3. I want to support our team. Our worship leader, our band members, our tech team and our set up team work HARD to bring the heat every Sunday for the cause of Christ. I always want them to know that what they do is an important part of the vision of Compass Point Church. We are a team. I never want them to to think that hanging out in the green room drinking coffee is more important than what they are doing to reach people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

4. Accountability!!! I never want our people to ever wonder if I have quality time with God. They can’t follow me into my prayer closet. They can’t hang out with me while I’m having my quiet time. They can, however see me worship…and know that I’m connecting with God every Sunday.

5. God wants me to worship Him. I would never propose to know or understand the mind of God. But I tend to think He likes to see and hear His people praise His name. That includes an overweight, tooth missing, flawed pastor of a small church in Florida.

Front Row Of The Worship Time