A Noble Celebration

I do no talk about my friendship with Perry Noble very much. It’s mainly because I don’t want to come off as a name dropper or appear to be exploiting the relationship. Also people I don’t know seem to come out of the wood work wanting me to get them into Perry’s coaching network. 🙂

However, on September 21st Perry wrote an amazing blog post about numbers. In it he makes the case for letting the world know about salvation, baptism or attendance numbers so others can celebrate. I’d like to state for the record that not only does Perry write about celebrating this…he also practices it.

Perry pastors a very large church and I pastor a very small church. You know what? Perry has never treated me any different or made me feel inferior because of this. He has ALWAYS celebrated every good thing God has blessed Compass Point with. In turn I always get stoked about what God is doing at NewSpring. When we baptize 4 people (like this past Sunday) he gets as excited as when NewSpring baptizes over 1400 people (like they did two Sundays ago). If I blog or Twitter about someone coming to Christ at Compass Point I can alwaysncount on a call, email or text from Perry (and other NewSpring staff) celebrating with me. He understands that all numbers count no matter how big or small. Behind every number is a story of life change…and behind every story of life change is another person that will see Heaven some day.

You know what else? Perry isn’t the only one. I have had quite a few megachurch (I hate that term) pastors and staff members celebrate with us. You know why? Megachurch pastors don’t start off with the goal of pastoring megachurches…they just start off with the goal of reaching one person for Christ. They also realize that we as the Church are in this together. That means we work together, cry together and celebrate together.

So small church pastors/leaders…stop feeling inferior. If you baptize one person this year…let people know so we can all celebrate. If you break fifty people in attendance shout it out to the world. If you launched a second small group make it known. Blog it. Facebook it. Twitter it. And don’t be surprised if the Rick Warrens, Perry Nobles and Steven Furticks of the world celebrate with you…and retweet it…because they will.

A Noble Celebration