Small Group Preaching & Planning Documents

This week I had the honor of conducting a breakout at The Sticks 2011 Conference in Orangeburg, South Carolina.  Kyle Bridges (the Compass Point pastor that oversees our small groups and discipleship) and I spoke about “How To Reach The Hard To Reach”.  During the breakout many questions came up about the way we do small groups…which is to base the curriculum on the sermon.  I promised to post the process we use and the documents today.  Here you go:

1. When we are going to start a new sermon series I usually get alone for a few days…turn off the phone, computers and mobile devices…and prayerfully prep the entire series.  This usually takes place about 6 to 8 weeks before the series is to begin.

2.  About 3 weeks out I give Pastor Kyle and Pastor Jonathan (our worship leader) an Overview of the the series.  This is basically the individual sermon titles, Scripture references and a sentence or two about the main idea of each sermon.

3. Two weeks prior to the series I give Pastor Kyle a One Sheet for the every sermon.  These sheets provide a more detailed look at each sermon including the actual  sermon notes I will be using.  I also update Planning Center with my notes and prepare the Keynote presentation I will be using on my iPad 2 to preach from.  Kyle will be 1 to 2 weeks out from the sermon with preparing the Group Notes.

4. One week before the sermon I email Pastor Kyle the Sermon Notes which he will photocopy on the back side of the Group Notes that each of our attenders are given on Sunday.  During the sermon Compass Point attenders fill in the blanks of the Sermon Notes with answers listed on the video screens.  During the week they complete the Group Notes before their small group meeting in preparation for discussion.

5. On Saturday night everything shuts down at my house around 8:00 p.m. and I look back over the Keynote presentation so I can memorize the sermon notes.  I only occasionally look at the notes while I’m preaching.

Click the links below to download the PDF files.

1. Overview

2. One Sheet

3. Planning Center

4. Sermon Keynote

5. Sermon Notes

6. Group Notes

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to email Pastor Kyle or myself.

Small Group Preaching & Planning Documents