Hey Compass Point

I’ve spent the past few days processing all that God is laying on my heart about where Compass Point is and where God wants to take us.  Here are a few thoughts:

1. Sunday was just simply amazing…I’m still walking about a foot off the ground from the excitement.  New faces, packed house, amazing worship and God really spoke to quite a few people.  I spoke with one couple that prayed to put God first in their marriage…something they had never done before.  It’s life change like that that makes what God does through Compass Point so important.

2. Blocking earthly distractions is the key to having godly priorities – that only comes through intentional planning.  God doesn’t always speak over the roar and noise of a busy life.  Most times God whispers in the quiet.  I want to encourage you to plan out a few hours each week to get quiet…get away from distractions…and spend time listening to God while reading His Word.  That may mean getting up earlier, turning off the television, shutting off the phone and logging off of Facebook.  Godly priorities can only come through spending regular quality time with God.

3. Speaking of priorities…one of the top priorities for Compass Point this year is to develop more leaders.  I am so stoked that so many new leaders are emerging and folks are stepping up to volunteer.  In any war there is strength in numbers and the spiritual battle waging in Polk County is no different.  It will take many godly leaders and servant-minded volunteers for Compass Point to reach the 487,000 for Christ.

4. Next week is going to be a great Sunday.  We’ll be continuing our series on priorities and the Compass Point band has a few fun things up their sleeve. If you want to get a jump on the sermon, check out Philippians 3:12-14.  By the way, we have more chairs in reserve.  Invite a friend…we’ll make sure they have a place to sit.

Have a great week Compass Point.  See you Sunday.

Hey Compass Point