A New Name

In 2003 a small group of people with a common vision – to reach folks far from God with the Gospel of Christ – met in Denise and my den to discuss launching a new church in Lakeland. One of the items on the agenda for that night was a church name. For weeks we had tossed around idea after idea. Some were good…some were bad…some just plain sucked. In the end we decided on Compass Point Church. The main reason we chose that name? Because it was the one name that sounded cool…and that we could all agree on. This was way before we had an official vision statement, structure or strategy…just a name and a dream.

Here it is 9 years later and God is still at work at Compass Point. We’ve seen over 200 people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, reached countless more with the Gospel throughout Polk County and touched folks thousands of miles away in other countries. We’ve also seen our vision statement go from a 100+ word paragraph to a simple 3-line motto:

Love God!
Love people!
Make an impact

Over the past few years God has been speaking into my life and leadership about the future of our church. One of the things that He kept bringing me back to was a new name for the church that better remind us of our vision statement. I have discussed this over the past few months with our leadership and together we have been praying about it. After hearing from them…and with much positive discussion…we began to see the value in a new…more vision-central…name. Thus the announcement this past Sunday that Compass Point Church will become Impact! Church in the Fall.

Impact! Church reminds us that we are here as Christians…and a church…to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. We are to Impact! Lakeland, Impact! kids, Impact! groups of people, Impact! teens and…through Impact! partners…Impact! the world. We need to have Impact! generosity, Impact! worship and Impact! experiences on Sunday in order to glorify God. In essence…every time we say Impact! Church we will remind ourselves…and others…what our ultimate goal as a church is…to make an Impact!

Over the next few weeks I’m looking forward to celebrating all that God HAS done through Compass Point Church. I’m even more excited about what He IS going to do through Impact! Church.

A New Name