A Couple Of Things Before Sunday

Thanks for popping into my blog.  There were a few things on my heart that I wanted to share with you before this Sunday.

1. Last Sunday seriously ROCKED because God moved on your behalf Compass Point Church…and one young man CAME TO KNOW CHRIST for the very first time!!!  I never grow tired of celebrating that….and never take it fro granted.  God is up to something at our church and I’m thrilled we all get to be a part of it!

2. Words cannot express how STOKED I am about the new sermon series we are starting this Sunday.  It’s called “THE BLESSED LIFE” and I’ll be sharing Biblical principles that Denise and I have used to see a life of abundance.  Over the years we have experienced physical, relational, financial and spiritual healing as a result of applying these principles to our life together.  We have seen God move in our midst at “the eleventh hour” time and again to bless us beyond belief and rescue us from sure catastrophe.  I truly believe that “THE BLESSED LIFE” sermon series will help you turn a corner from struggling each day…to a life of multiplication and abundance.

3. I wanted to say a HUGE “thank you” to everyone that invited folks last week.  We had quite a few first time guests…many telling me that they would be back.  Word of mouth is the #1 people hear about church and chose to attend.  Keep up the great work…God’s Kingdom is growing because of it!!!

4. This is the very last post on my blog written to Compass Point Church…because this Sunday we officially become IMPACT! CHURCH!!!  🙂

5. This Sunday is going to be amazing…I’m expecting and praying for God to do GREAT things.  If you know someone that is struggling with finances…or any area of life…this Sunday would be a great day to invite them to come to church.  A simple invite from you could lead them into a relationship with Christ and total life change.

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy your Halloween candy hangover.  Pray for what God is going to do in our midst this Sunday.  I’ll see you at 10:15am Sunday at the North lakeland YMCA.

A Couple Of Things Before Sunday