“Man Of Steel” Review

Last Monday night I had the privilege of catching an early premier of the movie “Man Of Steel” – which comes out tomorrow.  Grace Hill Media – a company that works with the movie industry to promote films with Christian overtones to pastors and churches – made the premier happen.  The following is a quick review from my standpoint as a movie-goer and a pastor.

THE GOOD – As a pastor, I was pleased to see the movie focus on great positive themes throughout the film. Good vs. evil…being a positive influence in life…destiny…purpose…etc.  I was also blown away by some of the Christian overtones – strong father/son bonds, priests talking about faith, using talents (like flying, lifting buildings and x-ray vision) for the greater good and Superman’s own journey of finding purpose – which resulted in him talking to clergy.  There are MANY clips from this movie that can be used as sermon illustrations – particularly in a sermon series about manhood, fatherhood, talents or purpose.  This is also a very family-friendly movie.  Except for one line by Lois Lane (about a particular part of the male anatomy), there is almost no foul language, inappropriate behavior or suggestive scenes.  “Man Of Steel”  would make for a great family night out or a special father/son trip to the movies.

THE BAD At best “Man Of Steel” is good movie…not a great movie.  At two and half hours in length…it is a LONG movie…with little reason to be.  Superman fans will like that it follows the traditional comic-book storyline, but the movie takes too long in explaining Superman’s life from leaving Krypton to when he first appears as a super hero.  Also, the fight scenes – while action-packed featuring amazing CGI effects – are way too LONG.  After a while you get sick of seeing endless scenes of buildings being destroyed, bad guys being punched and rockets being launched.

THE UGLY Shameless product placement throughout the entire movie was stomach-turning. As a movie-buff, the trend of Hollywood becoming unbridled ad campaigns for major brands is disgusting.  By the time “Man Of Steel” ended I was vowing never to eat at iHope or shop at Sears. Product placement in movies has been around for years, however most films are not as “in-your-face” about it as “Man Of Steel” is.

STARS I give “Man Of Steel” three stars out of five.  Like I said…it was a good movie…but not a great movie. More of a Saturday matinee for the family flick instead of a serious “date night with the wife” movie.

“Man Of Steel” Review