A Long Week Of Homeless Drama

So the “experts” say never write a blog post over the weekend if you want people to read it. They also say never write it on your phone as there will be more typos and mistakes. I’m breaking both “rules” with this post.

It’s been a long week. I am coming to realize that the folks that talk about the beauty of working with people “in the margins” have not actually done life with “people in the margins” – they’ve only occasionally worked with them. It’s not beautiful. Living and working amongst the homeless, addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics and poor will just flat wear you out. Every day has it’s share of opportunities and challenges…but each of these is filled with mind-breaking drama.

Nothing – whether good or bad – is simple or easy. Talking to folks in the hood about Christianity is easy – they understand it because they hear the Gospel multiple times each week just to get a meal. Talking to them about being a follower of Christ is a whole other kettle of fish. Actually living out the Bible is so foreign to them…hard for them to comprehend…or do. Just trying to cut through the haze of meth or beer in order to communicate discipleship is a chore. You never know if their response is them or the substance they are on providing the answering.

This week it’s been “Big Al”. He did some impulsive things that cost him his job, family and kids. He’s been drinking ever since. This week he decided he’d had enough…drank 30-40 beers a day (yeah…you read that number right) and in a drunken stupor started walking into traffic to end it all. Three times this week I’ve called the police and ambulance…spent last night at the hospital with him trying to reach him (my wife shot the pic above as she went with me). The realization…I have very little hope any of helped to stop him.

Thus another week of feeling futile in the attempt to help people in the margins. Some weeks it just feels like the power of drugs, the scar tissue of pain and the fog of inebriation wins out. But the Bible promises that nothing done for Christ comes back void. So I’m taking a break today – Saturday – and tomorrow Impact! Church and myself will get back in the fight. We could use the prayers of anyone reading this.

A Long Week Of Homeless Drama