An Update On Big Al

Last week I posted about my friend Big Al.  He has been an alcoholic living on the streets of the Parker Street Community for over 20 years.  On Sunday, November 9th he gave his life to Christ during the Sunday service at Impact! Church and pledged to get sober. I told him that I’d take him to a steak dinner when he got clean.  After a week in the hospital getting help, Big Al was discharged yesterday CLEAN AND SOBER!!!  Last night we had an great time laughing, talking and praying around the table at Longhorn Steakhouse. You should have seen the smile of Al’s face as he devoured a porterhouse.

Today Big Al will begin his rehab program.  Because of his past all of the local rehab centers have refused to take him.  I can’t blame them – he has quite a history of being difficult to work with.  However, everyone that knows Al has seen a HUGE change in him.  I attribute that to the power of God in his life.  As a result, Impact! Church will be taking Big Al through a rehab program supervised by Lighthouse Ministries – a great local addiction ministry here in Lakeland.

Please continue to pray for us, Lighthouse Ministries and – of course – Big Al.  I truly believe that the best is still to come!

An Update On Big Al

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