A Day In The Life Of A Ghetto Pastor

Recently I received an email from a church leader asking about a typical day for me.  He knew I was bi-vocational and highly hands-on when it came to ministry.  Once I responded to his email he suggested I blog about it.  So here goes.  This is what my day looks like today.  By the way – this is a fairly typical day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesdays are date nights for my wife and I so my day stops around 5:00pm.  I don’t do any church “work” on Friday and Saturdays either.


5:30 am – Alarm goes off and I head to my easy chair for Bible study and prayer.

6:15 am – Wake my wife up and we pray together.

6:30 am – Breakfast and I read the local newspaper.

7:00 am – Give blood for lab tests at my heart doctor’s office.

7:30 am – Pick up cleaning supplies and paper goods for Impact! Church at Sam’s Club.

8:00 am – Drop by the South Florida Baptist Association office for a quick meeting with the new Director of Missions.

8:30 am – Meet with my assistant to clarify the rest of the week and respond to correspondence.

9:00 am – Return phone calls.

9:30 am – Meet with our video production volunteer to discuss the script of a new ministry support video we’ll be shooting.

10:00 am – Christmas Eve planning meeting to finalize details.

11:00 am – Lunch at my desk working on an upcoming sermon.

12:00 pm – Report to local Southwest Middle School for a half day of substitute teaching.

4:00 pm – Leave school and return phone calls on the drive back to the office.

4:30 pm – Answer emails (get 50-100 emails a day).

5:00 pm – Meet with possible new worship leader.

6:00 pm – My wife brings dinner by and we eat it in the conference room talking about our day.

6:45 pm – Quick “meet and greet” with our teens before their Bible study.

7:00 pm – Meet newest intern and take him for introductory walk-through in our neighborhood to introduce him to people.

7:30 pm – Counseling session with a recovering alcoholic.

9:00 pm – Home with my wife watching “Nashville” (one of our guilty pleasures).

10:00 pm – Go through my “daily review” to plan my day on Thursday.

10:15 pm – Shower and shave (I use a blade, brush and cream – relaxes me).

10:30 pm – In bed and read for 30 minutes.

11:00 pm – Lights out.

A Day In The Life Of A Ghetto Pastor

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