New Direction In Blog Posts And A New Place For Church Resources

Way back in the year 2004  I began posting to a blog.  In those days it wasn’t about leadership articles, feeling obligated to post daily and keeping up with how many hits the blog received.  In those days it was just me posting about my life and the path that God called me on – more of a diary I posted to several times a week.  Somewhere over the years blogging got more complex…and incredibly boring.  So much so that at the height of my blog’s popularity (2,000-3,000 hits per day) I quit posting for over a year. In essence, I killed it.  After a year I went back to quietly posting…and again it got more complex…and boring.  It was the same grind of coming up with fresh content that talked about church leadership with a goal of getting more hits.  I truly hated what I became when blogging…and the need to always “feed the beast” drove me damn near insane.

For the past year I have sporadically updated this blog with stories about being a “ghetto pastor” (not my term, but the one everyone seems to call me by these days). I have featured stories about the interesting people that we reach at Impact! Church and some of the leadership ideas behind what we do.  Again, I have begun to feel that my posts have to be planned out and well written – forcing more complexity and a level a stress I just have no interest in continuing.  It for this reason that I am making a few changes to the way I blog – and a way for church leaders to get free resources for reaching the homeless and those in need.

First the blog. I still want to tell the story of what God is doing at Impact! Church – because He is doing a lot.  However, trying to come up with specific stories is getting to be tiresome.  I feel really led to go back to what I was originally doing back in 2004 – using my blog as almost a daily journal.  I promise you will still be able to keep up with a crazy cast of Impact! characters like Big Al, Dutch, Jimbo and Foo-Foo.  Only it will be within the context of my “journal” entries a few times each week.  Some postings will be long and some will be short. All will still be pretty unfiltered and gut reaction (thoughts) to what occurred in the hood that day.

I also want to still provide leadership thoughts, how-tos, resources and updates for other churches that are interested in reaching the homeless, addicted and economically-depressed throughout America.  It for this reason that Impact! Church is launching . will feature videos, articles, free resources (docs, forms, graphics, etc.) and a monthly podcast that is specifically geared for churches wanting to reach people far from God and folks in the margins. We realize that Impact! Church is kind of blazing a trail into a church built primarily for homeless people.  We want to share what we are learning – free of charge – to those churches and church leaders that want to reach the homeless and addicted in their areas. We only launched the site this week and still have a lot of work to do on it. There are already a few docs and forms on it – our first set of videos will be up next week.  Later this month we will have our first podcast finished and ready on iTunes.

So to recap.  If want to keep reading this blog – great.  It will feature more of journal entries about what is running through my brain several times a week.  If you were only stopping here for leadership stuff or church resources, you can start going to

New Direction In Blog Posts And A New Place For Church Resources