A Conversation With A Homeless Mother

This was a conversation I had at Impact! Church yesterday. It is not paraphrased or embellished.

Her: (In tears) Can you help me? My babies and I are about to get kicked out of the hotel down the street?
Me: Which hotel?
Her: The (describes a flea-bag motel down the street that is a haven for drugs and prostitution) hotel.
Me: You have your kids there?
Her: We were living in the homeless jungle until two days ago (the jungle is a large patch of woods filled with homeless people making or using meth – a pretty dangerous place).
Me: Wow!
Her: I know, but my boyfriend – his father (points to the toddler playing on the Impact! Church sanctuary floor) – left us for a prostitute. We got evicted from our home and had no where else to go but the jungle.
Me; How did you get into the motel?
Her: I met a guy that told me he’d put us up for a few days.
Me: What happened? Why are you about to get evicted?
Her: He wanted something I was no longer wanting to give him…so he left. But he had paid me enough money to get us through Friday at the motel.
Me: Any place I can get you into is going to be checking for drugs. Have you used recently?
Her: No.
Me: Are you sure?
Her: Yes.
Me; But there are track marks on your arms.
Her: (Sobbing uncontrollably) I lied to you!
Me: Mam, please calm down. I am not here to judge you, but any long-term program we can get you and your children into is going to ask these questions. Lying only makes the process worse.
Her: I used heroin and meth two days ago. These guys told me that they would pay for another week at the hotel if I partied with them. I did, but they didn’t.
Me: (Noticing multiple bruises on her) Did they beat you?
Her: Yes.
Me: Do you want to press charges?
Her: NO! Please don’t call the police…I don’t want to upset them…they will come looking for me!
Me: Where were your kids during this?
Her: With a friend in another room. (Begins crying uncontrollably again) I am a horrible mother, but I was trying to keep my children under a roof for another day…keep food in their stomachs. I have never been homeless and have never been in this situation. My boyfriend has always taken care of us. He said he loved me…would care for me and the kids. He left us for a prostitute. I am such a fool…I just want to die.
Me: Mam, that would not be best for you or your children. What is it that you are truly looking for?
Her: Hope…and to know my kids will have a better life. I just need a fresh start…to learn to be a better person…a better mother. I have never been alone, but I don’t want to have to keep doing the things I do just to survive. Will you help me Pastor?
Me: Yes mam, we will.

And we did! Impact! Church provided them with food, clothes, some toys for the kids and prayed with them. This morning we are beginning the process to get her and her children into a program for displaced mothers. Over the next year she will go through counseling, training for self-sufficiency, have a place to live, the kids will be in school, they’ll attend attend Bible studies and church, they will help her get a job, get past the drugs, get past the emotional scars and help her set aside enough money that when she graduates the program she will be able to move into a house or apartment. In essence she and her kids will have a new life – a new future – and hope.

A Conversation With A Homeless Mother

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  1. Diana Lofthouse says:

    Beautiful and tragic, but thank God there is great hope for this lady and her children. This is why you all do what you do. I pray many, many people will send help at that refuge/church you got there. You guy’s are truly the CHURCH. THIS is the CHURCH I LOVE . You keep going strong in Jesus name!


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